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Cliff’s List Convention — Learn Directly From Dating Gurus

Cliff's List Convention — Learn Directly From Dating GurusCLICK IMAGE TO VISIT SITENow you can discover the top-secret strategies of a very small group of men who have FAR more success with women than they rightfully deserve… and STEAL their proven, word-for-word tactics for:

If you’re serious about taking your success with women to a level most men will never even DREAM is possible, this just might be the most important letter you’ll ever read…

What if I were to tell you that while you and your friends are out there struggling to meet women and get dates… there is a very small group of men who have figured it all out… and quietly enjoy more women in a month than most men will have in a lifetime?

You’ll never hear about these men or their amazing conquests. And you wouldn’t be able to pick one out of a line-up if your life depended on it.

Why? Well, they typically aren’t rich or handsome… and very few fit the picture of what most would consider a "pick up artist" to look like.

Up until very recently they have preferred to keep their secrets to themselves… discussing their tactics only in secret forums and private mailing lists tucked away in the far corners of the internet… where only the extremely curious and stupidly lucky could ever hope to stumble upon them.

I’d like to share with you the amazing story of how I "accidentally" become one of the founding fathers of this community. and tell you the secrets we’ve discovered that YOU can use to meet and date the women of your dreams.

But I have to warn you: What you are about to read may shock you. and will DEFINITELY change the way you think about women and dating forever.

It seemed in the beginning that getting a woman into bed was an almost insurmountable task. I was able to make "friends" with women, but being intimate was another story. This may sound funny to you, but I’m totally serious.

I didn’t have a girlfriend until I was about 18, and my time with her lasted for two periods of about six months each. I attribute that to pure luck… because I really had no idea how I was able to get her interested in the first place… and I didn’t know what I was doing that kept her interested in me.

But it certainly wasn’t because I wasn’t trying. I looked everywhere for information on how to be successful with women. You know those old "How To Pick Up Girls" books you would see in the back of magazines? I ordered them all… and I scoured used book stores for more of them. Well… as you can imagine, nothing REALLY gave me the results I was looking for. I learned a few things but I was far from where I wanted to be.

I also forced myself to approach women. I remember one of the first times I went up to a woman in a disco. I was really shocked when she was totally uninterested… as I couldn’t understand how she couldn’t see that I was a good guy.

I learned rather quickly that there was a lot more to meeting a woman and getting her interested than just having the nerve to go up and talk to her.

The next few years were filled with "hit and miss" successes and lean times. But finding out how to attract the kinds of women that I was interested remained a mystery… and a burning desire.

Fast forward a few years. one day I heard couple of local radio announcers were talking about how a "Seduction Guru" was a guest on a television talk show.

I missed that show… but I was determined to find out what the fuss was about. I called up the station in New York and they gave me the "guru’s" phone number. I called it and the person on the other end of the line told me that he had published a book, which I ordered immediately.

A couple of weeks later I received a glued together collection of hardcore "how to pick up women" tips which I absolutely devoured. Through this "guru" I managed to meet up with some other like-minded guys who were interested in this stuff… and some of them were VERY good.

This was about the same time the Internet was starting to play a role in society… so I decided to try the whole "email" thing out, and make my own email list for guys who were interested in improving their success with women. I started by sending out some of my own tips and questions I had about meeting women to some of my new friends…

Several of the "top guns" I had sent the email to responded to my questions… and their insights were amazing.

I had asked for advice on how to get a woman’s phone number… and one of these guys had written back with a detailed, word-for-word plan that showed me EXACTLY how to walk up to a woman and strike up a conversation easily… get her phone number with ZERO resistance… and exactly what to say to her on the phone to set up a date…

I had also asked about tips for meeting women in bars and nightclubs… and another guy wrote back with a detailed strategy he had been using for the last 4 years to meet women and bring them back to his place the very same night … week after week.

I also shared a tip I had discovered for striking up a conversations with waitresses and cashiers… and a friend wrote me back and said it was so good that he just HAD to share it with his friends…

I took all of the great suggestions and tips I had gotten back, put them all together in one big email… and send it back out to everyone on my list.

From that point on, every time… Read more…

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