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Get Things Done! – The Action Machine

Get Things Done! - The Action MachineCLICK IMAGE TO VISIT SITEThis system will allow you to easily take more action, and recapture lost hours in your day, lost days in your month, and even lost weeks in your year.

Over the past several years, I’ve taught this system to 1000’s of people, and the results they’ve shared with me (some of which you’ll see below) have been nothing short of spectacular!

There are two obstacles that are likely preventing you from being a massive action-taker right now: A lack of clarity, and a lack of motivation.

Without clarity about what you need to do, and reasons for doing them, your mind easily wanders, and your heart lacks any kind of motivation for taking meaningful action. As a result, distractions and procrastination take over and your ability to produce significant results becomes a fraction of your potential.

And, like you probably have, I spent a lot of time looking for a solution and experimenting with different tools, methods, and systems for helping me overcome those challenges. Then one day I stumbled across an article that described a simple action-taking system called ‘timeboxing.’

Almost immediately, I knew I had found the solution that I was looking for, because not only was timeboxing easy to understand and use, but it totally eliminated the two obstacles to taking action that we just talked about.

In other words, each action you need to take during the day represents a small ‘block’ of that day (a box, if you will). You determine how big of a box it is by how much time you set aside to accomplish it (a single day can consist of anything from just a few, to a dozen boxes). When you’re ready to take action, select a box, start a timer, and get to work!

How does timeboxing eliminate the two obstacles to taking action that we talked about a minute ago? Here’s how:

If you practice these three simple steps regularly, it will totally revolutionize the way you get things done in your life – guaranteed!

As I began using timeboxing regularly, my software-developer brain kicked in, and I began to see how a software version of this system would enhance its effectiveness and ease of-use even further.

So, with these goals in mind, I brainstormed an idea, broke it up into timeboxes, and I went to work! 🙂

After a lot of ‘blood, sweat, and tears’, dozens of hours of testing, and a ton of user feedback, I’m please to introduce you to version 3 of this amazing action-taking software!

The Action Machine is built completely around the timeboxing concept, so it works because it’s simple to understand and use, and it ties together the three key motivating elements that push your brain to take action (we talked about these earlier):

When these three elements are brought together in the dynamic, automated environment of The Action Machine, the synergy totally transforms the way you psychologically and emotionally look at all the things you have to do.

Watch this short video, where you’ll see a demonstration of how to plan and complete a typical day of action:

I use it in combination with rescuetime.com which tracks exactly what I am doing online. This allows me to really ensure that I am sticking to my set out plan/schedule. It’s a fairly new system for me… so I am still getting used to it…. but so far so good.

By David Drake MS, Ph.D Professor of Microbiology, Vice President, Faculty Senate, Dows Institute for Dental Research, College of Dentistry University of Iowa

Normally I’m a pen-and-paper person, but have to admit that Action Machine has scored where paper lists have failed.

As well as increasing the amount I get done in the day it’s also very helpful in building up a picture of where my time is spent at the moment – the start of being able to change that where I want to.

I had my first day with it today, and found myself so inspired and looking forward to everything like never before.

Running a business is the hard, especially of you are responsible for multiple areas of the business. I used to get side-tracked easily with email and and researching ideas, and ended up working into the early hours of the morning catching up.

Think about it, how many ‘time-management’ programs have you tried in the past, but eventually gave up on because they were too complex to learn and use in your everyday life?

With The Action Machine, there’s no complicated time-management ‘system’ you need to learn or remember – It’s all about: Simple, intuitive, results!

No longer will overwhelmingly big tasks paralyze you from taking little to no action. Use The Action Machine to break these monsters into smaller, bite-sized pieces you WANT to eat!

Take any task you’ve been putting off, give yourself 30 minutes to get it done, start your timer, and watch what happens. This simple process, which The Action Machine automates, creates a ‘virtual’ space in your brain for that task that you feel unexplainably compelled to fill with its completion!

Using The Action Machine regularly helps you get into the habit of eliminating productivity-killing distractions so you focus your concentration and energy on the task-at-hand.

With each task you complete using The Action Machine, you build up a momentum that propels you to not only get even more done, but get it done faster and more efficiently than ever!

Using The Action Machine helps to become more aware of how and where you spend your time each day. As you become more aware of your habits, you easily discover ways to use your time more productively, and eliminate previously hidden time-wasters.

Are you neglecting your dreams and letting everything else gobble up your limited time, energy, and resources? Use The Action Machine to make time every day to take even a little action to move you closer… Read more…

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