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It’s true. I actually dated (and slept with) a guy who wet the bed. Not just any guy, mind you, a guy with no money, no car, and well, no future. Why would I do this? Is it because I’m crazy, have low self esteem, or I’m into weird things? Nope, none of these. It’s because, whenever I was around him, I felt a powerful sense of attraction that had nothing to do with his looks, income, height, or lack of bladder control. I put up with all these things because he could make me feel like no other man could, in spite of his obvious handicaps. Now you can put his remarkable secret to work for YOU to get any woman you desire NO MATTER your looks, age, income, height, car or "social status!"

You’re about to discover how he did it… PLUS find out why I (the woman he dated) am willing to reveal such jealously guarded secrets that can get you all the hot, sexy, good women you want, as fast as you want, even allow you to attract that "one special woman"… This is about taking control of your life, happiness, money, sexual fulfillment, and even your relationships or marriage. Have power with women! Be respected by women, no matter what "shortcomings" you may have!!

Who am I, and why am I telling you all these "personal things"… in a letter on the  internet, no less? First things first. My name is Shelley McMurtry, and you might say I’ve been blessed with things other women envy… a fit shapely body, quick mind, great sense of humor, and deep blue eyes men say give me "rare beauty." I’m the ultimate blend of beauty and brains, and I most certainly do not have a problem attracting men– in fact I could be with any man I choose. I’m not saying this to brag, I’m saying it because it’s true AND because it will help you understand how powerful these "evolutionary psychology secrets" I’m about to reveal really are… and how few men really understand them.

I’ll tell you something both funny and sad: In some ways my "brains ‘n beauty" blessing is also my biggest curse. Why?….

Because even though I can attract lots and lots of men, it is very difficult for me to find one I enjoy spending time with. Many men are, unfortunately, intimidated by my looks, or scared of my brains and I usually wind up feeling nervous around them, not the way I want to feel around a man. You may not know this, but it’s a fact: More Stunningly Beautiful Single Women Spend Night After Night at Home Alone, Than You Could Ever Imagine.

One night, late, I got to thinking, what was it about the men I’d really enjoyed dating or spending time with that made me feel such intense attraction for them? Since I owned a marketing research company and data fascinates me, I decided to apply my marketing research knowledge to my past dating life… and what I discovered astounded me! The men I’d dated were NOT the "buff," good-looking, rich types with fancy cars, big houses and perfect hairdos.

Even though I’m approached all the time by such guys, I just don’t feel anything around them. According to society and conventional wisdom, I should be attracted to them, but I’m not… UNLESS they can make me feel a powerful sense of attraction, something that has little to do with looks, age, or income… at least, according to my little research project. And, when I presented my findings to my female friends, they all agreed with them 100%. In fact they were so intrigued by what I’d done, they offered to sit down with me, and share their experiences with men so I could analyze them too.

How I Cracked the "Attraction Code": When I analyzed the data a pattern, a FORMULA, started to emerge, the picture of the "attractive man," with characteristics that drive women wild… and the good news is, these are all things ANY man can easily learn to do to create attraction in any women. In fact, for most men, all it takes are a few simple tweaks and that’s it. Looks don’t matter, age doesn’t matter, income doesn’t matter, and social status doesn’t matter…. I’ve proven that plenty of times in my own dating life!  

Like I said before, I’m a businesswoman (a sexy one, yes, but still a businesswoman), and I recognize a hot market when I see it. I asked a few of my guy friends if they’d be interested in what I’d discovered, and they all replied, eagerly… "YES, please, please tell us!" Why did they want to know such things, I asked them? Here’s what they told me:

"Shelley, in recent years you’ve seen what’s happened to us… It’s too sad, too painful, and too obvious to ignore!"

You CAN take control of your life and your desired outcomes with women. You can make great things happen, and create more attraction with women than you ever dreamed possible… NO MATTER your looks, age, income, height, "social status", car, or any other material or physical element!!  

I created a membership club for men. Where I can get to know you, and you get to know me! You can share your questions, fears, stories, & opinions completely anonymously!

I cover many hard-hitting, controversial subjects and provide you with everything you need to take control of your life, relationships, even your sex life & money!!….  

Membership is priced at $59.95 per month, and includes my informative, content-based articles and interactive (anonymous) member panels.

However, at this moment, you do not have to pay this monthly fee. Under this very special & limited offer, I’m accepting 100 new members who… Read more…

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